Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Tamil Varuda pirappu | Tamil New year

Tamil new year| Tamil varuda pirappu is celebrated on 14th April or the first day of the tamil calendar It marks the beginning of the Tamil new year with the first month Chitirai. (சித்திரை ). On this auspicious day, we get up early in the morning . The previous night, when  we go to bed my mother will keep 5 Rs coin (those days it was a big money for us)  under our pillow. On the day of Tamil new year, morning after getting up we will first see the coin after opening our eyes. The tradition behind doing this is, the whole year will bring out prosperity and wealth. After getting up we take bath and pray to god. As i mentioned in my Pongal festival post, those who are have to perform Tharpanam should complete this ritual first and then perform the Pooja.  As per our tradition on this tamil new year day, since it is Pudhu maasa pirappu, those who have their parents and married girls who have their in laws should not take head bath or oil bath on this day.
Usually, at home we will make an elaborate meal on tamil new year. Generally the tamil new year meal includes 6 tastes (arusuvai) of food viz,sweet, sour, salt, spice astringent and bitter. It is believed that the year is filled with all type of emotions. So it is ensured that the food should contain all these tastes. We make maanga pachadi, neem flower rasam (vepampoo) , payasam, vadai , pachadi and many more.
The new year Panjangam (பஞ்சாங்கம் ) is kept in the pooja room while doing the pooja. Many people arrange Fruits, vethala paaku, thamboolam, jewellery, gold coins and mirror in a tray and keep it in the pooja room. This is called Vishu kani. It is believed that seeing all these auspicious items in the morning of the new year day will bring prosperity throughout the year.

The panjangam kept in the morning will be taken in the evening and elders at home  who knows to read it, will tell about the prediction of the new year. However in our house we used to look for the star birthdays of the family members and other few auspicious days such as varalakshmi nombu, avani avittam etc. Panjanga padanam (பஞ்சங்க படனம் ) is done in most of the temples too. Some elderly experienced person will read out the forecast of the year for all zodiac signs and many people will go there to listen it.
Since i am born and brought up in madurai, the entire month is full of celebrations in Madurai meenakshi amman temple.  Me an my sister will go to the Azhagar festival with my dad early in the morning to enjoy the festive atmosphere.
To all my readers - இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்


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