Thursday, 14 July 2016

Aadi Maasa Pirappu

Tamil Month "Aadi" has an in built charm because it is a Ice Breaker of festivals. Aadi means Pandigai and it is a favorite month to worship goddesses. During this month we celebrate Garuda Panchami, Varalakshmi Nonbu, Pathinettamber (Aadi 18), Aadi Pooram etc;

Since this month is known for the worship of Goddesses, in most of the families they offer Maavilakku on one of the Fridays. Most ladies perform Pooja on the Fridays and  offer Betal leaves & Betal Nuts, Flowers,Coins/Cash, Blouse bits etc as per their wish to Sumangalis staying in their neighborhood. One of my neighbors based out of Tirunelveli, used to wash the legs of Sumangali, offer Kumkum, apply Nalungu on the Foot.Then offer Betal Leaves & Betal Nuts.

The famous festival Aadi Pooram is also celebrated as Valaikaappu function for Amman. People used to offer Glass Bangles to goddesses on this day and sumangalis offer glass Bangles to each other along with Thamboolam.

Newly wedded couples, are invited on the first day of Aadi. It is practice in Hindu families that they invite their Son in Law and offer gifts. The family of the Bride prepare Special Food on this day. People belonging to the Tanjore region, offer Silver Tumbler to the new wedded Groom. They Serve Paal Payasam in this new Tumbler on the day of 1st day of Aadi.

The newly wedded Brides are usually advised to stay with their parents. The belief behind this is that if the girl gets pregnant during this month, the baby will be born during the Tamil month Chithirai. Chithirai being the hottest month, the young mothers will suffer a lot because of the hot sun. To avoid this, our ancestors planned in advance. Nowadays, this has been made as an optional practice since the fact is known to all.

Elders in our family do not prefer to perform Grahapravesam, Marriage or any other functions since this month is the beginning of Dhakshinayanam known as the beginning of night for the god.

Tamil Brahmins also have the habbit of preparing Aadi Paal and Vadai on the first day of Aadi.

Gents perform Tharppanam on the 1st day of Aadi.

Wish you all a great Beginning of Festivals....

Will get in touch with you the whole of this month...

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  1. Superb writing... I don't know about what to do in this month .... Thank you for this good information