Friday, 8 January 2016

About Me

Happy to welcome you all to my blog. To introduce myself, I am Mythili Sivakumar. I am born and brought from Madurai a famous Town in South India.  I did my schooling and Higher studies in Madurai. I am currently associated with a Private Bank in Chennai.

Myself and my sister thought of registering our traditional values that will be useful for the forth coming generation. There are lot of interesting rituals that are practiced in our culture. Since I am a Hindu by Birth, I am going to talk more about the culture practiced in our family. I have a good team of elders in my family who have a great passion towards following the rituals. I will explore their practices and traditional values that are followed in our culture even during very small functions.
Hindus as such have lot of interesting traditions that are followed in different families and is significant to specific regions they belong to.

These are basic steps followed in our families. I am not going to involve much into the spiritual aspect of it but the tradition of doing it.

I will not refer any article published in Social Network, but fully depend on the elder’s experiences to write this blog.

I will also share few photographs/Videos that will be useful and interesting while reading the articles.
To make reading interesting, please share your experiences too…

I trust I make this blog interesting and useful.

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  1. Noble endeavor. I am always looking for the way our ancestors led their life. Looking forward to learn from you.

  2. All your blog are very useful and will be guiding the next generation very much who does not have their roots in our country but interestri in our tradition.. thanks for the noble endeavour