Friday, 8 January 2016

My First Post - Aarthi

I thought of publishing the procedure of taking Aarthi as my first post, since this is a basic thing that we need to know and is a requisite on every gracious occasion. I have explained the simple procedure that is followed in our family and there are no do and don’ts here. Anyone can adopt this procedure.

When to take Aarthi:
Aarthi is usually taken on Auspicious days after performing Pooja to the god and goddess. However, it is also believed as a way of Welcoming newly married couple, new born baby, after performing the Rituals of Poonal, Avaniavittam etc. It is also believed to remove the bad effects or removes Dhristhi.

How to prepare Aarthi:
Take one cup of plain water. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder. Add a drop of Sunnambu that we use at home. This will make the color a bright red color. The Aarthi plate is preferred to be in Pithalai (Bronze) metal. My Mil use kumkum to get the bright color. Finally, add few Atchadhai to the Aarthi. 

How to take Aarthi:
The bride and the groom or the respective people to whom the Aarthi is performed should stand/sit facing east or west. Usually two ladies preferably Sumangalis are required to take Aarthi. The ladies have to stand facing north and south. They have to hold the plate and rotate the plate clockwise thrice and then will usually place a thilak or a small drop on the forehead of the Couple. The ritual is that the lady standing on the North should pick the plate after performing the Aarthi and empty the plate on the Kolam at the entrance of the house or the Kalyana Mandapam.  It is believed that performing this ritual removes the Dhristhi  after the goodness happened at home.
In our family we don’t use betal leaves while taken Aarthi.  However, some families use Betal leaves and is placed on the Aarthi plate. It is now becoming a gorgeous performance that there are finely decorated Aarthi plates being prepared. 

The ladies performing Aarthi are also gifted with good amount of money or articles depending on their willingness and status. Usually, coins are placed by couple while performing the Aarthi and the coins are shared by the ladies. Even if it is a small amount ladies love to get their portion since it is a matter of respect.


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